Abandoned Prairie Farmhouse

Abandoned farmhouse in central Alberta

While back in central Alberta in 2017 for my annual family visit we travelled to the small town of Big Valley, located east of Innisfail on Highway 590. On the way back from Big Valley I spotted this abandoned, decrepit farmhouse and just had to stop to get some shots; I am fascinated by abandoned prairie homesteads (must be my prairie farm roots).

Wandering around outside this old house and the out-buildings (which were in much worse condition than the house itself), I wondered: who lived here? How many children did they have? Did they have a good life in this place? A hard life? Why did they simply leave, abandoning their house and letting it fall to ruin?

When it comes to abandoned homesteads there must be a thousand stories embedded in the fabric of these buildings. I know the images I took that day certainly instilled a sense of loneliness in me.

Big Valley, Alberta

April 17, 2017

ISO 400, 1/100 sec., f/ 11

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